Resolutions Update #3

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It's crazy that we're already closing out April. With that said, it means it's time for another update on Buddy's resolutions. Read the updates from the team as we close out the fourth month of 2020.


  1. Consume less sugar. Specifically switch from daily hot-chocolate to coffee.

"Still no hot chocolate!" 2. Stop “finding time” for things that are important, and instead “make time” for them by cutting out crap that isn’t (less tv at night vs. more reading as an example).
"DEFINITELY spending more time with the family." 3. Get a new tattoo.
"This one is on hold for the foreseeable future." 4. Do 100 pushups in one set.
"I invested in a pushup board (don’t judge) and am noticing a difference."


  1. Deadlift 500lbs

"With the gyms staying closed and the crazy inflated prices for used weight training equipment, this goal has definitely slowed. I did try and deadlift my fiancé's Hyundai (without her knowing) the other day. The holds are the hardest part, haha. With holds and a platform to account for the suspension, I think I can actually get it off the floor." 2. Get this wedding planned.
"Lots of musings, no real action." 3. Be more stoic.
"Like I said last time, this is a daily one that'll ebb and flow. I have fallen a bit behind in my book, so I need to get back on that." 4. Have more fun.
"Getting plenty of walks in, homebrewing often, and checking in with friends (remotely). Not how I pictured this goal when I wrote it down, but still working on it and on track, I'd say."


  1. Lead four 5.8s on gear at New River Gorge and Seneca Rocks.

"I haven’t been able to do any climbing lately. I did send my first 5.9 on gear down at Manchester but they are really short routes on man made structures so that doesn’t count towards my overall goal." 2. Complete my first XC Race.
"My mountain bike is still out of commission but I’m looking forward to getting back out on the trails soon. I’ve been spending a lot more time on my road bike to stay in shape in the interim." 3. Go surfing.
"No updates here. I’m looking forward to getting out there once social distancing guidelines have been eased a bit."


  1. Help more people be fearless!

"Working on this every day." 2. Always have an event scheduled to keep fitness on track.
"Due to the continued pandemic, everything is cancelled, so I’ve just started a new training program on the bike, and we’re adopting a very energetic pup from the local shelter that will keep our morning activity routine on track." 3. Take a real, live vacation for 2 weeks.
"How about putting up the hammock in the yard for a while? Does that count." 4. Get Vogey (David) to buy a bike.
"This happened. He’s on Strava and everything!" 5. Add a new US state to my list of visited states.
"This will be tricky. Let’s make this an end of the year goal."

Charles and Molly
Charles and his new pup, Molly, after their morning run.


  1. Consciously work on creating balance in my life - personal, professional, marital, family. I have limited time and need to keep balance in order to de-stress my life.

"The pandemic has made finding balance in my life easy. Things are slower and I have time to reflect on what is important. It reminds me of 1973 when life moved at a more reasonable pace and no one expected immediate gratification." 2. Continue to focus on fitness and health. As I workout five days a week already I plan to concentrate on diet. You are what you eat and drink!
"Either swimming, running, or cycling most days. Some days I'm doing all three. Since squash courts are closed, I've been playing pickleball with friends who have courts. New experience and great fun. Also have created fitness challenges at various parks doing exercises on benches and from tree limbs. I also did Meatless March which was quite fun." 3. Dedicate nightly time to read more. Both novels to take me away to distant lands, historical books and books to help be grow as an individual.
"The Splendid and The Vile, The Hotel Florida, The Mountain of My Fear, The Governor's Island and a lot of short stories."


  1. Run Less

"My running is successfully down ~80% year-on-year. Oddly, my wife’s running is up this same amount."

Casey Chilling
Casey sticking to his resolution and NOT running.

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