Resolutions Update #1

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Jay took a nice ride down by the James
Jay took a nice ride down by the James.

We've now had over a month (longer for those of us that actually started on January 1st) to make some headway on our resolutions, so we're keeping ourselves honest here with this progess update. Read on to see how we're doing.


  1. Consume less sugar. Specifically switch from daily hot-chocolate to coffee.

"Going Strong! Haven’t had a hot chocolate yet." 2. Stop “finding time” for things that are important, and instead “make time” for them by cutting out crap that isn’t (less tv at night vs. more reading as an example).
"Meh, carving more family time out for sure, but not much progress on carving personal time." 3. Get a new tattoo.
"I continue to talk about it."


  1. Deadlift 500lbs

I'm on track to getting there. Missed a few workouts with some minor injuries (pulled hamstring). Honestly, listening to my body and calling it quits was the best thing I could've done, I missed just over a week and was back to business. Had I pushed through the injury I would've made the problem much much worse. Calculated 1RM is up slightly at 456. 2. Get this wedding planned.
No movement. Wrestling season just ended this week, so I finally get some time back to get the ball rolling here. 3. Be more stoic.
One of my dear friends read our last post and bought me this great book: The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living. The philosopher major (and history buff) in me is super stoked that it features quotes from Marcus Aurelius' Meditations. It also has excerpts from Seneca and Epictetus, and has been great reading and thought-material thus far. Still, I have plenty of growing to do. I've caught myself yelling at bad drivers on the road though. The difference is now I'm aware of it and can re-center myself. 4. Have more fun.
Meh. I am giving fun more priority in life, but haven't done any really big fun things to talk about.


  1. Lead four 5.8s on gear at New River Gorge and Seneca Rocks.

"I unfortunately got a slight tear in my labrum while climbing in the gym. I'm looking at a couple weeks recovery time before I can get back to training and out to the New."

Photo credit: Alex Stein"
Nick's last outdoor climb before his injury. Photo credit: Alex Stein
2. Complete my first XC Race.
"My shoulder injury isn't helping much here either. I'm hoping to get back on the bike soon and will start scouting some races that will be a good fit." 3. Go surfing.
"While I'm a true believe in the saying "there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear" it's been a little chilly to knock this one of the list."


  1. Stretch daily

"On track, though missed a few days when sick this month." 2. Piano practice with my 5-year-old daily
"On track. She will perform a classic folk song Lightly Row at a recital this weekend." 3. Hit my savings goals
"Currently on track. Automatic deposits to my kids' 529 college accounts have been set up." 4. Beat my record of 32 books in one year
"Books Read: 6 (of 34) probably a little behind..." 5. Admire sunrises
"Only missed a few, though this is easier in the winter..."


  1. Help more people be fearless!

"Working on it every day!" 2. Always have an event scheduled to keep fitness on track.
"Yup! did my first bike race of the year and am training for my second, in April" 3. Take a real, live vacation for 2 weeks.
😞 4. Get Vogey (David) to buy a bike.
"Still working on this. He continues to live in denial of the pleasures he’ll experience. Eventually, I think his kiddo will lean on him hard enough, and my work will be done." 5. Add a new US state to my list of visited states.
"Not yet. Any ideas?"


  1. Consciously work on creating balance in my life - personal, professional, marital, family. I have limited time and need to keep balance in order to de-stress my life.

"The focus on balance in my life is an ongoing everyday process. It am definitely not letting the little things stress me and making time for what is important." 2. Continue to focus on fitness and health. As I workout five days a week already I plan to concentrate on diet. You are what you eat and drink!
"The fitness piece is also going well: I've been working out 4 days a week, skiing twice, ice climbing, played in they city Squash league and swim some. I am also doing meatless March as part of my diet." 3. Dedicate nightly time to read more. Both novels to take me away to distant lands, historical books and books to help be grow as an individual.
"I have read The Body bt Bill Bryson, South Sea Stories by Jack London, John Krakauer Collection of Stories, and The Best Short Stories of 2019."


  1. Run Less

"My running is probably down 90% year-on-year, so I am DOMINATING my resolution!"

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