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We've officially crossed over into 2021 (*collective sighs*), and we're here to reflect on how we've done on our 2020 resolutions. 2020 certainly didn't make things easier for us, but what's really cool to see are the ways we adapted and adjusted to still push ourselves despite the world around us.


  1. Consume less sugar.

I made it to September, but the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate was too much for me to ignore.

  1. Stop “finding time” for things that are important, and instead “make time” for them by cutting out crap that isn’t.

This was a mixed bag. I made more time for working out and for reading, but as the pandemic wore on, TV/Movies helped me to relax. I did read more books than ever this year (and yes, Audible does count). Got to almost 30 this year, finishing the last one on Saturday.

  1. Get a new tattoo.

No tattoo during pandemic. Only needle that touched me was a flu shot, and hoping the next one will be the vaccine when it’s my turn.


  1. Deadlift 500lbs

I came close, but had to stop going to the gym when things shut down. I wasn't able to procure home gym equipment due to highly inflated costs and spacing concerns, so I had to call it at 465 in early April. Instead, I ended up acquiring a set of gymnast rings, and have been working my way through bodyweight progressions to take charge of my fitness. I definitely improved my coordination and strength in areas that I otherwise would've continued to ignore, so I'll count this as win. I highly recommend rings, they're a great workout.

  1. Get this wedding planned.

Success! Not only did we plan it, we officially got married on New Year's Eve. We only had immediate family present (a total of eight people), and broadcast it to our friends and family. I couldn't have asked for a better end to year, it was great. I also got to debut my personal rendition of the Backstreet Boys' I Want It That Way.

  1. Be more stoic.

I knew going in that this would be a lifelong pursuit and not something I could ever but a ✅ next to. But boy, did I get tested this year. With the political turmoil, wanton disregard for other people, and trampling of civil rights, it was really hard to not let things get to me. But the biggest lesson I took away from Seneca this year was that emoting is not helping. I learned to be more intentional about how to channel my energies when witnessing injustice in the world and being more actionable instead of being simply outraged.

  1. Have more fun.

I definitely had a different vision for this when I first wrote it down. But overall, I certainly had fun. That fun took the form of many walks with my now wife and our husky, Saber. It took the form of being goofy at home, going on long bike rides, Zoom calls with friends, baking and learning new recipes at home. I think we sometimes define fun as these super "instagrammable" experiences, and forget the smaller, simpler pleasures that we can experience. I really cherish those, and I'm thankful that I've been reminded of that.

Marvalhaes 11
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  1. Lead four 5.8s on gear at New River Gorge and Seneca Rocks.

I ended the year with one tick towards my goal—Hysteria a 5.8 trad route in the New River Gorge. I was working on a route called Fantasy my last trip out to the New, one of the classic moderate crack routes in the gorge, but took a whip in the middle of the route. Needless to say, I have some projects lined up for the new year.

  1. Complete my first XC Race.

I competed in the Great American Race with the Buddy team which was literally a virtual race across the country. While it wasn’t quite what I had in mind when I made this goal, I logged a good portion of my mile on the trails and had an absolute blast competing with the crew.

  1. Go surfing.

We all had goals that were shifted or put on the back burner because of the pandemic. When I was able to get out and about, I found myself gravitating towards the mountains—surfing just wasn’t as much of a priority in our new reality. That being said, the thought of heading to the beach and hopping on a board is still very appealing to me. Maybe next year!


  1. Stretch daily: ✅
  2. Piano practice with my 5-year-old daily: ✅
  3. Hit my savings goals: ✅
  4. Beat my record of 32 books in one year

Had to settle for 28 this year. 5. Admire sunrises: ✅


  1. Help more people be fearless!

This one went well! We grew the Buddy family, and we love helping our customers out when something gets upside-down.

  1. Always have an event scheduled to keep fitness on track.

This one did not go well 😞. I started the year training for some gravel bike races, and we were able to get one in, but the majority of events were cancelled. The silver lining is that rides this year have just been about having fun and enjoying the simple pleasure of being on a bike. Cycling has been a truly fantastic way to stay sane during a pandemic.

  1. Take a real, live vacation for 2 weeks.

Nope. Didn’t happen. The whole year was at home. There was something restful about having my travel schedule reduced to zero.

  1. Get Vogey (David) to buy a bike.

Good news! He got one for free, AND he now has a Peloton.

  1. Add a new US state to my list of visited states.

See #3. No going anywhere this year. Maybe ’21 I’ll check off the Dakotas!


  1. Consciously work on creating balance in my life - personal, professional, marital, family. I have limited time and need to keep balance in order to de-stress my life.

I have worked hard to create balance and some of my goals worked better than ever. Personal and Professional sent great. Family as well. The marital part not so great. I'm in a very good place moving into 2021 and I can't wait.

  1. Continue to focus on fitness and health. As I workout five days a week already I plan to concentrate on diet. You are what you eat and drink!

My fitness and health has been as good as it could be. Running, swimming, an awful of cycling, hiking and stretching. At least 5 days a week. It has been a strange year and most of my training is solo due to the pandemic but it has been good.

  1. Dedicate nightly time to read more. Both novels to take me away to distant lands, historical books and books to help be grow as an individual.

My reading has gone fine but need to get in bed earlier to have more time to read.

  1. Finally, the focus on balance will need to include self reflection and examination. These are all really good and fun exercises and I'm looking forward to a great 2020!

The self reflection and examination has gone quite well. Good bye 2020, Hello 2021!


  1. Drink more water ❌
  2. Eat more greens ❌
  3. Save more, spend less ✅
  4. Find a mentor ❌
  5. Expand social network ❌

Dang - I failed on those for 2020. I did well on #3, since we didn't go anywhere 🙂. Covid also destroyed #5.


  1. Run Less

I’ve never crushed a New Years resolution like I did this one.

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