Resolutions Update #2

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Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash
Photo of neon sign by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

March is almost through, which means it's time for another update on Buddy's resolutions. Quarantine life has certainly impacted many of our goals, but we remain focused to adapt while still maintaining course.

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  1. Consume less sugar. Specifically switch from daily hot-chocolate to coffee.

"Still haven’t had a hot chocolate yet, but I could really go for one right about now." 2. Stop “finding time” for things that are important, and instead “make time” for them by cutting out crap that isn’t (less tv at night vs. more reading as an example).
"Definitely spending more time with family now 😉" 3. Get a new tattoo.
"Currently avoiding needles, plus my dad took my place in line."


  1. Deadlift 500lbs

"Well, I pulled 465 before gyms closed down. Progress feels really good, but I don't have a home gym, nor the cash to drop on one, so I'm trying to get creative with strength work. The high school where I coach has an outdoor obstacle course with a big tractor tire, and I drove out there the other day, did a circuit with the tire, than pushed and pulled my truck 40 yards." 2. Get this wedding planned.
"Minor movement. Did some research on ABC (Alcohol and Bevarage Control, for non-Virginians) licensing. I'm a homebrewer, and would rather brew my own beer for our wedding." 3. Be more stoic.
"This is the type of thing that'll ebb and flow, and I don't think I'll ever reach a point where I can truly say "I'm officially stoic!" Still, I can say that have improved at recognizing where I ought to stop, think and reframe." 4. Have more fun.
"I am having more fun, but any fun involving travel or hanging out physically with people is put on hold officially. Again, we adapt here."

The circuit


  1. Lead four 5.8s on gear at New River Gorge and Seneca Rocks.

"From shoulder injury to quarantine, I haven’t been able to do much climbing. I did lead my first 5.9 on gear a couple of weeks ago, but that was at the Manchester wall so it doesn’t really count." 2. Complete my first XC Race.
"My mountain bike is currently in the shop getting some hub love." 3. Go surfing.
"It's still a little chilly for surfing."


  1. Help more people be fearless!

"This is a tricky one. We’re in a time that’s rightfully rife with anxiety. As the world works to get our heads around what’s going on with a spreading pandemic, fearlessness has taken a different shape. In addition to helping protect our customers from the costs of accidents, we’re also now working hard to support our teammates and our communities as we adjust to our lives lived at home. Fearlessness today is not about having the safety net to go big, but it’s transformed into having the security to go the distance." 2. Always have an event scheduled to keep fitness on track.
"Obviously, everything is cancelled. I have kept my training up, and I’m seeing good results in fitness and my body." 3. Take a real, live vacation for 2 weeks.
"We’ll see. I may have to relegate this to a staycation this year." 4. Get Vogey (David) to buy a bike.
"Vogey got a bike! Mission accomplished." 5. Add a new US state to my list of visited states.
"This may be tricky, and I don’t want to be a vector. Stay tuned for a late year trip, maybe."

Vogey got a bike!
Vogey got a bike!


  1. Consciously work on creating balance in my life - personal, professional, marital, family. I have limited time and need to keep balance in order to de-stress my life.

"I have been able to de-stress life as much as possible during these uncertain times." 2. Continue to focus on fitness and health. As I workout five days a week already I plan to concentrate on diet. You are what you eat and drink!
"I'm working out an appropriate amount and feel my health is quite good for a bloke of my age. I've been participating in Meatless March and it has been very easy adjustment." 3. Dedicate nightly time to read more. Both novels to take me away to distant lands, historical books and books to help be grow as an individual.
"Reading quite a bit. Numerous books and short stories."


  1. Run Less

"Cabin fever from COVID-19 is threatening my resolution, as I’m being forced to get outside and exercise."

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