Buddy's Buddy: Spencer

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Buddy customer since Sep, 2019

In 2019, my partner and I outfitted a Dodge Promaster van and set off in search of world-class mountain biking. After 13,000 miles around the western states we found a new home in Grand Junction, Colorado, roughly 40-miles from the Utah border. As a high-desert community, we have year-round riding and hiking. With the Colorado River meeting the Gunnison here ("grand junction") our latest sport is pack-rafting!

What's your favorite snack?

My wife and I make a gluten free cookie ball with dates, oats, coconut, chocolate chips. They pack well and make a delicious energy snack on the trail.

What's your favorite drink after a big day?

Most recently I’ve been enjoying a German pilsner from Colorado’s Upslope Brewing. It is a limited release, but I hope it sticks around.

What's at the top of your bucket list?

In 2019 I built a custom van with the intention of traveling to mountain bike events around the country. While Covid has put that on hold, I have my eyes set on the Epic Rides series.

Have you ever had a moment where you thought, "I may not make this"?

Last year I met up with a friend in Salt Lake City for a ride starting at 10,000’ and returning home to the valley. But soon after we started a thunderstorm rolled in. We were soaked through within minutes. With temperatures dropping fast, we had no choice but to white knuckle ride our way off the mountain. The trail turned to a torrent of water with no visibility. Midway down the mountain I struck a rock and dimpled my rim. I make no exaggeration when I say Orange Seal saved my life. By the time we hit the road I was shaking uncontrollably. I approached a nearby car where a young couple was waiting out the storm. These good Samaritans invited me into the front seat, turned up the heat, and wrapped me in a blanket. Lesson learned: check the weather. And always top off on Orange Seal.

Tell us about an experience that you’ve had that everyone should have.

Everyone needs to experience a night sky impossibly full of stars.

How does insurance from Buddy support your active life?

I moved to western Colorado to live outdoors. I now have mountain biking, hiking, river rafting, and more right outside my backdoor. Buddy is the perfect compliment to playing full-time outside.

When do you like to be covered?

I like to be covered ALL THE TIME. There are no soft landings on the rugged cross-country trails of western Colorado. While I’m not a "sender", any given ride can leave me bruised and bloody, if not worse. My worst crashes have been from riding the trails I’m most familiar with.

Have you had to file a claim?

Last year, while servicing my fork, a local shop loaned me a replacement. Unfortunately, it was an inferior performing fork that failed on my first ride. I ended up with rib fractures. Soon after, I had a crash that cracked my wrist. I was off my bike for the remainder of the season. Luckily, I was a monthly subscriber with Buddy.

How has Buddy helped you up your game?

Injuries keep me off the bike, so I don’t take any additional risks knowing I have Buddy. It simply gives me peace of mind. My partner and I are both self-employed. Navigating the costs and coverage for health insurance is a burden. But Buddy makes it simple and clear what we can expect, at a price we can afford.

Buddy's buddies is a series of interviews with our customers from all around the country. They like to get after it in different ways, but they all make sure Buddy is in their bag when they head out.

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