Buddy's Buddy: Noah

BuddySep 12 · 4 min read

Buddy customer since Sep, 2019

Who are you, and where do you come from?

Noah Moore @gildedmtb and I’ve lived in over 20 homes in eight states and two countries, but I guess Michigan is what I’d consider, "back home." Yes, I’m in the military.

How do you stay active?

Really, mountain biking is my primary fitness and recreational activity. It is both peace and adrenaline depending on the need.

Who are your “regulars” that you like to hang with?

Well, I requested to be stationed at Luke AFB in sunny Phoenix because half of my family lives here. When I'm not at work or with my family, I’m with my MTB family: JR and Tiffany from @SpartanRidesAZ, Julio, and Manny from @ChavezBrothersMTB, Henry from @WarWithinMTB, and many others. They really are a second family to me. The mutual support and encouragement, in good times and bad, it means the world to me. Riding is therapy for many of us in the vet/first responder community and we take supporting each other seriously.

What's a great active destination that you've visited?

My first mind-blowing experience on a mountain bike: Angel Fire Bike Park. It was so good it almost ruined "regular" MTB for me. After that, I made it my mission to build a bike that would never be in over its head. (As much as any enduro bike can claim that anyways.)

What's your favorite snack?

I think probably cereal with some vanilla almond milk. There isn’t a bad time of day to eat that.

What's your favorite drink after a big day?

Ice cold grape PowerAde cut 50/50 with water.

What's at the top of your bucket list?

Drop-in from a helicopter on an Alaskan mountain top to snowboard on fresh powder. I’ve always wanted to drop straight from a skid, already strapped in, onto an untouched slope.

Have you ever had a moment where you thought, "I may not make this"?

YES! About a month ago I was 16 miles into a 20-mile impulsive mountain biking solo adventure on the White Tank Mountain’s double black diamond Goat Camp trail. Yes, people knew where I was going and no, it was still not a good idea. I started an hour late (0600) and by 0830 it was a solid 10 degrees hotter than it was forecasted to be. By mile 16 I was an hour over schedule, almost out of water, fresh out of snacks, and I thought I’d just blown my front tire. As I sat in the shade of a huge boulder I decided that I hadn’t survived 37 years of stupidity just to be done in by a flat tire and a little 105° heat. Besides, it’s a dry heat.☺ Also, my tire was not blown, just burped a little. So I lived.

What's your wildest fantasy?

Building a world-famous DH trail system on a pacific island. (And owning the MTB rental company/LBS on location.)

Tell us about an experience that you’ve had that everyone should have.

Meeting someone famous that you never thought you’d meet and finding out that they’re even cooler and nicer IRL than you’d hoped they’d be. Over the last riding season, I’ve been fortunate enough to be an ambassador for Spartan Rides AZ and through them, I’ve hung out and ridden with Brian @BKXC, Paul @paulthepunter, RC @rc.outdoorgold, and (he might not consider himself to be famous, but he is) Dakota @dakota_tagg.

How many times have you been injured?

Maybe four or five times. Only two were related to MTB though. Nope, three. That last one was at Angel Fire last year when I pedal struck and flew about 15 feet right after drop-in on "Graveyard." It was all superficial thanks to the fact that I am really, really good at falling gracefully. True story. I should have broken more than my bike on that crash.

Tell a story about “that one friend.”

Yeah so about that…I think I might be “that one friend” actually and as such, I would like to plead the fifth.

How does insurance from Buddy support your active life?

I can afford to take risks but I can’t always afford to replace broken gear. Honestly, it’s more a mental thing. I just like knowing that if things go south I’m not going to be high and dry.

When do you like to be covered?

I actually just purchased an annual policy because there have been a few times where I forgot to get a shorter duration policy and at least one of those days I recall coming very close to a hospital visit.

Have you had to file a claim?

I have not filed a claim thus far. The only injuries I’ve had while covered were treated with a healthy dose of rubbing dirt on it.


Buddy's buddies is a series of interviews with our customers from all around the country. They like to get after it in different ways, but they all make sure Buddy is in their bag when they head out.

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