Buddy is Live in Colorado

Charles MerrittMar 01 · 2 min read

'The Buddy Team in Colorado'

Guess what, mountain-lovers. Buddy is now live in Colorado! We’re celebrating this milestone with a trip out west from our home in Richmond, Virginia. The team is catching up with some old friends and making new ones as we sample some of the awesome outdoor adventures that the state has to offer.

If you’re just meeting us, hello! We’re Buddy, the first and only on-demand accident insurance company. The idea is pretty simple: If you get hurt, Buddy pays you directly based on how badly you’re injured. Unlike a traditional accident plan that forces you into an annual contract, Buddy can cover you for as little as one day. That means that you can get extra protection for a day on the slopes, at the crag, or on the trails. Of course, if you’re like us and active all the time, Buddy can cover you year-round, too. Best of all, you can buy coverage through our website in 90 seconds.

We were inspired to create Buddy because our team loves fresh air, sleeping under the stars, and finding out what’s around every corner, but we hate it when our friends get hurt and are stuck with outrageous bills – even when they have health insurance. We also loathe paperwork, slowness, and dead weight. Rather than continuing to contribute to GoFundMe campaigns for injured friends, we decided to do something about it. Thus our on-demand accident insurance was born.

Buddy is first and foremost an outdoor company. Our mission is to help you fearlessly lead an active outdoor life. It is our belief that managing financial risk is an important part of any active lifestyle. Understanding your personal risk is like knowing the length of a climbing rope or the rating on a sleeping bag. We want to make sure you can confidently go for it in whatever pursuit you love, knowing that you're covered.

That's enough talk about insurance for now – it's time for us to get out and enjoy Colorado ourselves. The mountains have welcomed us with a fresh dose of powder, so our team is out skiing, fat biking, climbing, and enjoying the mountain air for a few days. We could get used to this! You have welcomed us, too. There are too many thank-yous to get them all in, but major shoutouts are due to our Techstars family, Wayfinder Co-op, Xterra, and Gear Junkie.

If there's something you think that we should try out to get the feel for Colorado, hit us up on Instagram or Twitter. We're down for whatever. Whenever you start something new, there are always questions, and we've done our best to keep our FAQs up to date. If you're looking for something that's not there, you can drop us a line.

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About Buddy

Buddy provides the first and only on-demand accident insurance to adventurers and athletes. Our mission is simple, to help people fearlessly enjoy an active and outdoor lifestyle.

A day of coverage costs less than a spicy burrito. Get covered in less than 3 minutes today.

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