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Over the last several months, customers have asked where Buddy fits in the accident equation, so here it is: How Buddy Fills Your Gaps!

How Buddy Works

What you see in our summary of benefits is actually what you’ll receive in the case of an accident because our benefits are paid directly and don’t fluctuate based on the cost of your medical bills. That’s because our benefits are directly tied to your treatments and not the actual cost of the care you receive.

After an accident, we may ask for copies of your medical bills, but it's only to verify treatment. Our goal is to remain transparent about the benefits you should receive so you can concentrate on your recovery, and not fixate on what it costs.

How Buddy Fills Gaps

Every person’s insurance is a little different. And what’s more, no two accidents are the same. And that’s why it’s impossible to know exactly what you’ll owe out of pocket for an injury. But you’re in luck: Buddy pays benefits based on the type of treatment you receive, not what it costs. That means you may get more or less than your actual out-of-pocket costs.

Let’s say you find yourself in the emergency room after a cycling accident. Your shoulder hurts but the doctor says you’re gonna be okay. When you get the bill, your out-of-pocket expenses are only two hundred bucks. Once your claim is approved, Buddy pays you $1000, which means once you pay your medical bills, you can look at repairing your gear or planning your next adventure.

Buddy does its best to create clear benefits you don’t have to question. What you see in our summary of benefits is what you’ll receive for covered accidents. Because having an accident is bad enough. You don’t need your insurance making things more difficult.

The Buddy Difference

With traditional accident insurance, you often receive benefits that are itemized to each portion of your treatment. Each test and each item, from x-rays to casts, is assigned a different amount. The benefits for these items can be low because they’re meant to be stacked. It means you need to check each line item on each medical bill against the schedule of benefits on your policy to make sure they’re paid correctly.

Unlike traditional accident insurance, Buddy has created clear benefit tiers that help take the sting out of dealing with bills when you’re on the mend. If you go to the emergency room, we pay you $1,000. It’s designed to cover your injury and all the little things so you don’t have to fret over how much an x-ray costs. And if your injury is more serious, we have two additional tiers of benefits beyond our ER benefit. They cover things like damage to ACLs, rotator cuffs, and bone breaks that require surgery. And all of the benefits are as clear as they sound. Find yourself cooling your heels in the hospital overnight? We provide $1,000 per night for up to 10 nights. Physical therapy sessions come in at $75 each for up to 10 sessions, if that’s what it takes to get you back in the game. With Buddy, you don’t have to question what you’ll receive.

Still have questions? Feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email. Our team is always happy to help walk you through how our benefits work.

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About Buddy

Buddy provides the first and only on-demand accident insurance to adventurers and athletes. Our mission is simple, to help people fearlessly enjoy an active and outdoor lifestyle.

A day of coverage costs less than a spicy burrito. Get covered in less than 3 minutes today.

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