Day 9 — Gear

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During the month of December, Buddy will highlight, the Twelve Days of Fearlessness. In the spirit of generosity we are sharing our platform with one of our favorite organizations in Richmond, the Blue Sky Fund, which provides kids in our city with fearlessness every day.

Buddy Mountain Bike
Fat tires make any snow day a great day to ride.

So far in this series we’ve talked a lot about the intangible things that help make you a fearless adventurer like grit, training, and community, but you can’t forget the real stuff. Having the right gear for the conditions you’re going to be in can make the difference between a great adventure and a miserable one and in some cases could even mean the difference between life and death.

To that end, we surveyed the entire Buddy team to see what was on their gear wish list this holiday season and this is what they came back with:


THIS TITANIUM COOK MUG I have a similar mug that has hiked, biked, and paddled thousands of miles. If that disappeared today, this is what I’d buy. The titanium is lightweight, and the fact that this one seals so that you can pre-soak and save fuel is awesome.

THIS INDESTRUCTIBLE DUFFEL BAG If you need to haul your stuff in a bag that you can strap to the top of a truck in a monsoon, this is the standard. Sizes range from gym bag to co-worker.

THIS ROOFTOP TENT Sometimes it would be nice to get a bit further off the ground, and this one looks like it would mount nicely on my Jeep.

THIS MERINO MIDLAYER My friend, Nate, swears by this thing, and I have a mild addiction to jackets and fleeces. There are a merino baselayers in my closet, and they are the best, so I’m down to take the plunge here. This one also looks pretty sweet.

THIS SATELLITE COMMUNICATOR No matter how far you roam, a GPS-communication device can keep you in touch with basecamp, home, and rescue. There are many out there, and this one is the current niftiest. All of them require a service contract to connect.


Forerunner® 935 | Premium Running Watch | GARMIN

Vigor Vest — Lightweight Running Vest | Oiselle Running and Athletic Apparel for Women

EzyDog Road Runner Dog Leash, Orange

Glycerin 18 from Brooks

Women’s PhD® Run Light Elite Low Cut Socks | Smartwool


Leki Walking Poles

Big Agnes Three Wire Bivy TTWB16

Cosmic Ultimate UST — Fast and light — Wheels — Road and Triathlon | Mavic


Topo bags For keeping all my gear straight. (I actually have a couple, but could use more.)

Burton Genesis bindings For locking into my snowboard.

K2 Snowboards Maysis Heat Snowboard Boot I don’t want my feet to get cold in those new bindings.

GoPro Hero Session For capturing all the action.

Treads for my jeep Because treads.

Cezar (list 1 for his canoe)

Gunwales These line the edges of the canoe and provide strength and rigidity to the hull. It’s also where the thwarts and seats attach.

Thwarts Provide bracing for the hull.

Seats Where I “park it.”

Paddle The thing I shove into the water that makes the canoe go vroom vroom.

Cezar (list 2 for his muscles)

Adjustable Dumbbells

DNA Nutrition Test Gain insight on several key genetic traits to determine how your body is affected by different dietary and lifestyle choices.

Gym Bag I honestly do need a new gym bag, mine is falling apart. This one has all the different compartments and features I would need.

Power rack! Keeping with the ridiculous themes of $4000+ bike wheels and tank treads for jeeps, this is still way more practical. This is a gym mainstay.

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