7 Creative Ways to Stay Active at Home

Cezar CarvalhaesApr 06 · 5 min read

We've been in quarantine for quite a few weeks now, so I'm sure many are itching quite badly to get back out there. If you're pretty active, it's likely you've tried a new home workout or two. You may have even been to your local playground to exercise. (PSA: Bring sanitizing wipes with you and wipe down whatever you touch before and after!) Even so, these home workouts may leave a bit left to be desired. No worries, we've compiled some of the more creative (and extreme) ways for you to stay active and engaged! Quick heads up, some of the items on this list are purely satirical.

(Another PSA: No matter how you're staying active, stay within your means! Hospitals are quickly getting overloaded, this is not the time to go big and risk a trip to the ER.)

1. Run a marathon on your balcony.

Elisha Nochomovitz
Source: CNN

A furloughed restaurant worker ran a marathon on his 23ft long balcony. It's still safe to run alone outside in most places in the US, but if we go full-lockdown, remember that you can still get your distance runs in— provided you have a balcony.

2. Claim new First Ascents— in your kitchen.

Climbers seem to be taking #StayHome orders particularly hard. Problem-solving is critical to climbing, and as you can see, these climbers are not lacking in that skill, nor in creativity. Just be gentle with those cabinets.

3. Turn your house into a Parkour course.

Freestyle Skier Andre Ragletti turned his home into a rad Parkour course to stay sharp. Extra points for use of the hoverboard.

4. Create the ultimate home gym.

These talented woodworkers were able to create a great setup that even Fred Flintstone would envy.

Or if you're more looking for light cardio, you can create this treadmill, on the super cheap!

5. Trashketball.

Yup. Some of us have been preparing for this all of our lives. #indoorrecess

6. Car push/pull.

Looking to move serious weight? Find a flat parking lot and push your car 40 yards. Then pull for 40. Repeat as needed. This one is a favorite of yours truly. Keep your driver door open in case you need to run in and stop the car.

7. Make a game of it.

Buddy's CEO, Charles, shared this one with our team. Using a deck of cards keeps the order random and fun. Feel free to sub in your favorite exercises.

card workout Exercises:

  • ♠️ kb swing
  • ♣️ goblet squat
  • ♥️ high pull
  • ♦️ pushup


  • Ace-9 = face value
  • 10-King = 10


  • Rest 1-2 mins every 4 cards
  • Jokers = 10 burpees

Play through the full deck.

No matter your workout of choice, stay safe and sane out there!

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